ALgebra Two
We finally received a Computer Cart (COW)!
Our first activity will be to familiarize yourself with popular math websites and determine which you like best.
We will use them to help us through our current unit of exponents.
Basically, this is a scavenger hunt. The links will get you close and you will have to solve and find the rest. Watch videos and read texct to complete the exponent lessons. Good Luck!

1. We will start at, a popular math site for students and parents:

2. Next we travel to a site with some videos called Here you will have more work to do. After following the link you will have to scroll and find "Exponents: Basic Prperties" at

3. Kahn Acdemy is probably the most famous. Lets see what theyve got!

4. The Art of Problem Solving sounds great! But how is it different? Lets go see

5. Any games? yup. Check out, but only after you have finished the above.

Objective: to explore multiple math websites and determine which ones we like and dislike.

Process: We will travel to multiple sites and fill in part of today's lesson. Each time we will "explore" the site and decide what we like an dont like about it. This will help when students are at home and need extra assistance