Discrete class
To my Discrete Math page where I house reviews, videos, worksheets, answer keys and more.
Currently we are in the middle of our second unit on POWER.
Newbies, scroll down to the videos that I promised you under "Voting Methods"
POWER with Banzhaf and Shapley Shubik
STUDY GUIDE QUIZ // on Tuesday October 21st. You can use your study guide, if you made it.
POWER TEST // Block Day Oct 22nd/23rd
This test will encompass all of the power unit from Banzhaf and Shapley Shubik to vocab and scenarios.
We have been studying a bit every day. From using our notes to make our own study guide to using the internet to research key terms to using this website to check our answers to reviewing our tests to identify problems that we need to study.
We start with 4 different ways to vote for an election. Each Method can lead to a different winner.
» Lesson 1 pdf // video
» Lesson 2 pdf // video
» Lesson 3 pdf // video
» Lesson 4 pdf // video
» Lesson 5 pdf // video
» Quiz Review pdf // video
What happens if we vote, but we have a group of votes under our control? We gain POWER. This Unit deals with the Math of Power and how contolling multiple votes can drastically change who is truly in control.
» Lesson 1 pdf
» Lesson 2 pdf
» Lesson 4 pdf
» Problems A pdf
We were all taught to share, maybe some better than others, but how can we guarantee that people share fairly using Math?
» Final 3B pdf // sol
» Lesson 1 pdf
» Lesson 2 pdf
» Lesson 3 pdf
» Lesson 4 pdf
» Lesson 5 pdf
» Lesson 6 pdf
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VOTING METHODS videos for those who added the class late.
» Voting Lesson 1 pdf // video
» Voting Lesson 2 pdf // video
» Voting Lesson 3 pdf // video
» Voting Lesson 4 pdf // video
» Voting Lesson 5 pdf // video
» Voting Quiz Review pdf // video
Extra Practice
Before your test, I will post random worksheets and reviews that you can use as extra practice.
» Topic 2 Banzhaf Practice 1 pdf // sol
» Topic 2 Banzhaf Practice 2 pdf // sol
» Topic 2 Banzhaf Practice 3 pdf // sol