ALgebra Two
We have our Computer Cart (COW)!

Our second activity will be to familiarize yourself with the most popular site. It will assess you progress and give you assistance.
One of the best sites for Math and getting help is Khan Academy. It i especially good at keeping track of progress. We will sign up as a class and as we solve problems, we can watch our progress.

1. We will be setting up an account at Khan Academy today. Follow the link below:

Objective: to assess our current level of understanding of exponents and get help

Process: We will sign up at and go through the first step sof the process

1: Go to
2: Click "Start Learning Now"
3: Use "GOOGLE" account
4: Choose "ALLOW"
5: Set up your Profile + Avatar
6: Go to "Profile" at Top Right of screen
7: Select " Profile"
8: Select "Coaches"
9: On left: type in the CODE for your class

4th Period: U4SK4U

5th Period: R4GWV5